1949 Istanbul born, Kamil Aslanger, started painting at 1960 under the supervision of his art teachers in military school, where his traditional techniques evolved. The traditional teachings of military painters such as; diligence, patience, careful work, and realistic compositions influenced by detail, are some of the techniques that Aslanger still uses today in his studio in Istanbul.  Like the works of Naqqash, or a musavvir, the soul of the world in that depicted in his paintings.

          In 1989, Aslanger’s reminiscent art has been inspired by the lost beauty of Istanbul’s landscapes.  Using the orientalists basic painting techniques, supported by comprehensive reliable research, help Aslanger stimulate his imagination to depict the clothing, jewelry, and the surroundings of the historical scene.  He ignites his imagination by examining museums, antique dealers, auctions, and relevant publications of the period, where he re-creates the models and exhibits them live before starting to paint.  Contrary to the Western point of view, for the first time in the five hundred year history of the social life that may be subject to thousand paintings of missing values, culture, and art we can uncover the mystical lives through the eyes of Ottoman customs and traditions.

          Adding to Western orientalist artists, Aslanger brings a new flavor and color, not only in their bitter or sweet social lives, but in hand-crafts, that captivate the eye-straining work that is reflected in the fine taste of our ancestors to our aboriginal items, clothes and places by our masters and artisans who made an effort of keeping their memories.

A nation deprived of art has lost one of its life veins.
Mustafa Kemal ATATURK

1991 – İstanbul Evleri ve Sokakları

Horhor Sanat Galerisi   Fatih –  İstanbul


1994 – Cariyeler I

Nişantaşı Atölyesi   İstanbul


1995 – Cariyeler II

Destek Reasürans Sanat Galerisi   Maçka  – İstanbul


2001 – Topkapı Düşleri

As. Müze ve Kültür Sitesi   Harbiye –  İstanbul


2005 – Lâlezar

Devlet Resim ve Heykel Müzesi  Opera Meydanı  –  Ankara

BB Güzel Sanatlar Galerisi   Sıhhiye Meydanı  –  Ankara

Toprak Sanat Galerisi  –  İstanbul


2006 – Harem’den Hayaller

Toprak Sanat-Kempinski Hotel    –  Bodrum

N CITY AVM Sergi Salonu  –  İzmit


2009 – Sarayın Perileri

Doku Sanat Galerisi  –   İstanbul


2010 – Sarayın Perileri

Doku Sanat Galerisi   –   Ankara


2010 -16ncı yy. Sultan Mataraları

Doku Sanat Galerisi   –   Ankara


2011 – 16ncı yy. Sultan Mataraları

Doku Sanat Galerisi  – İstanbul


2012 –  Nigarhane Tasvirleri

Doku Sanat Galerisi – İstanbul


2014-Sultanlar ve İkballer

Doku Sanat Galerisi – İstanbul


2015-Saklı Desenler

Beylikdüzü Belediyesi Kültür Merkezi  -İstanbul


Combined Art Exhibitions:

Horhor, Ümit Yaşar, Halkbank – Beyoğlu, Toprakbank, Pırıltı, Beff Home, Doku Art Gallery, Toprak Art Gallery and Ministry of Arts and Culture Directorate General